One Day in Fremantle
AlykaAdmin | 4/01/2017
A mermaid who lives close by our ship told us that 28th January is going to be a memorable date for our Port Multicultural City. One Day in Fremantle it is.
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Same but different: the contrasts of two boutique hotels at opposite ends of the world
AlykaAdmin | 2/12/2016

Boutique hotels around the world are many and varied. But few could match the quirky nature of the Hougoumont located at the heart of Fremantle. A unique architectural combination of what appears to be shipping containers acknowledges the long heritage associated with the port on the one hand, yet the old world charm of its street presence is a nod to its nineteenth century past.

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Hotels of Crime and other best sellers.
AlykaAdmin | 16/11/2016

One of Agatha Chrstie’s most famous hotel stories revolves a mystery at Bertram’s Hotel in London – often thought to be based on Brown’s Hotel. Since then, many famous hotels all over the world have been made famous through various novels and famous movies we have all enjoyed. 

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The World's Oldest Hotel
Hougoumont Hotel | 14/01/2016

You could be forgiven if you thought the Hougoumont Hotel has origins that are quite old. From an old wooden ship built in 1852 and a building erected in Fremantle during 1840, its history extends more than 160 years.

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Green Getaways Australia
Hougoumont Hotel | 21/12/2015

Promoting Eco-friendly Practices

We know how lucky we are to be situated in scenic Fremantle, that’s why we promote eco-friendly practices to preserve the integrity of the picturesque destination. The hotel has been built to a Green Star Australian standard, and our appliances require little energy, to ensure that we conserve power. We have also put in place many management systems that enhance our ability to protect the environment around us.

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