A walking guide to Fremantle's off-the-main-strip cafe scene

If you've ever been down Fremantle way then you'll know there's lots of great cafe's running down its famed South Terrace, after all you don't get a lofty title like Cappucino strip for nothing. But if you're like us and like a little quirkiness and surprise with your coffee- good news! Because there's plenty of that in Fremantle. Here's a guide to Fremantle's quirky alternative bohemian-esque cafe scene.


Micro Lote 

Part art gallery, part Art studio, part performance space and a whole lot of the Micro Lote cafe (see what I did there) this space is simply amazing and the coffee out of this world. For your coffee aficionados, this is a must-see stop on your coffee pilgrimage, with single lot coffee directly sourced from La Union in southern Colombia, there's nothing like it.

Micro Lote @ PS Art Space, 33 Pakenham Street, Fremantle

Leake St Cafeteria

If you're lucky enough to treat yourself walking through the aisles of fine food grocer KaKulas Sisters, do yourself a favour and venture out back! Tucked away with its own courtyard is Leake Street Cafeteria, a quaint tiny cafe manned by Wade Drummond (and yes, if you think that name rings a bell, you wouldn't be wrong #masterchef). With delicious coffee and fresh seasonal Fremantle produce, brace yourself for a master class in simple treats like salads, soups, sandwiches and he's homemade preserves.

Leake street cafeteria @ Inside Kakulas Sisters, 31 Market St, Fremantle


Rehab Specialty Coffee

This charming hole in the wall Fremantle find, is just what the (Freo) Doctor ordered when you're looking for that mid-morning perk!

Rehab Specialty Coffee @ Atwell Arcade, 3 Cantonment Street, Fremantle

Moore and Moore Cafe

Housed in the heritage Moores building,  this quirky but laid-back coffee shop is the true off-the-beaten-track, classic Freo cafe experience. Open for breakfast and lunch with a live Jazz band every Wednesday and Friday morning, the Moore's cafe is an exceptionally fun place to be!

Moore and Moore Cafe @ 46 Henry Street, Fremantle


Broody hen Cafe

A little further out from the main drag but right around the corner from the Fremantle Arts Centre, this beautifully decked out space with its wooden panelling, friendly staff and neighbourly vibe is the kind place perfect to lose yourself in a good book.

Broody Hen Coffee shop- 1/13 James St, Fremantle