DayDawn// Community Fundraiser

For the last few weeks our friends at Daydawn, an advocacy for our indigenous community, have been working exceptionally hard to provide a roof over the heads of families caught between a home to live in and a pandemic.

As part of the Freo community we'd created this page with more information on how you can help. Below is a statement from our friends at Daydawn.


Homeless people are uniquely vulnerable to contracting, spreading and becoming sick from COVID-19.

Those sleeping rough are unable to self-isolate or socially distance, and have limited access to sanitation such as showers, hand-washing or sanitiser. Those staying with family in overcrowded accommodation cannot physically distance and are often highly transient, moving from lodging to lodging.

Compared to the general population they are sicker, older, more immuno-compromised. In Western Australia an estimated 50% of rough sleepers are indigenous.

Everyone needs a safe place to stay at home, distance and self-isolate during this public health crisis. We need appropriate housing options to accommodate homeless people as an immediate response to the crisis and as a sustainable long-term solution to this chronic social issue.

For the past week the Hougoumont Hotel in Fremantle has been a safe haven for 35 people who’d been sleeping rough on our empty Perth streets.

Thanks to the generosity of the hotel and amazing community support to provide food, medical supplies and volunteer support for these high-risk people, they have been safely accommodated for $100 per person per day. But this has been funded entirely by a private donation to a small Aboriginal advocacy centre, and there are hundreds more people who need help. About 1000 are sleeping rough on Perth streets tonight.

Shelter WA have set up this urgent fundraising appeal to keep people safe while a more sustainable housing program is rolled out.

Donate here to keep them safe over this period.

No one really wants to live in a hotel long-term. A more sustainable pathway out of homelessness is being developed and implemented as part of the COVID-19 crisis response, integrating Housing First protocols after an initial emergency accommodation phase.

Although these proposals are being fast-tracked in response to the COVID-19 crisis, there is still an immediate critical window before these programs can be approved and implemented. We need to keep people safe off the streets in the interim.


$100 will get a high risk homeless person a safe place to sleep, shower, eat, get medical care and self isolate for a night

$250 will get a high risk homeless family a safe place to sleep, shower, eat, get medical care and self isolate for a night

$500 will get a high risk homeless person a safe place to sleep, shower, eat, get medical care and self isolate for a week

Shelter WA is working closely with the government, industry and the homelessness and housing sector to develop a response to prevent and reduce the risk of transmission during this period.  In response to the many calls we have received from the community to help people experiencing homelessness during this period Shelter WA has established this page to enable people who want to contribute to donate.

It is far cheaper to house homeless people in temporary accommodation than in our hospitals, where the health system could easily be overwhelmed.

This is a local community initiative that needs our support. The community has been amazing with food and medical supplies but first and foremost people need a roof over their head and four walls and a bed to self-isolate. If you can, please donate or share with your loved ones.

Donate today to keep our most vulnerable safe tonight


For more information visit www.gofundme.com/f/covid19-a-safe-place-to-self-isolate