Live Sets at the Hougoumont// Jere Sosa

Hailing from Buenos Aires, Jere Sosa arrived in Fremantle in 2014 with a guitar and a head full of rich musical influences. Sosa’s approach is founded upon the melodic songwriting of The Beatles and the guitar playing finesse of Carlos Santana, with punk, jazz and latin feels within the living-breathing mix that he affectionately refers to as his Spanglish sound.

Getting the chance to sit down and talk and listen to Jere was a real treat that hopefully, we won't have to go without for much longer. As you can imagine during the Covid-19 restriction artists like Jere Sosa have had to adapt to not being able to gig or perform. Despite this his optimise and sense of community still shines through, be it may in its virtual form.

If you liked what your heard and want to hear more show your support and visit Jere's website for some merch and some music www.jeresosa.com