The Crew

All hands on deck.


Welcome aboard the Hougoumont. As a distinguished guest, your every need is our concern. Manned by a small and dedicated team, our chatty crewmembers have been handpicked to enrich your journey, ranked by skillset and brought together by a love of small talk and sharing stories. We may speak different languages but we’re all fluent in adventure.


Meet the crew


NAME: Patrick Prendiville
POSITION: Hougoumont Captain
SPOKEN LANGUAGES: English + basic Spanish and French
FAVOURITE ACTIVITIES: Tennis, swimming and listening to classic guitar
BEST FREO SPOT: Freo Markets and all of Fremantle's hidden treasures on the West End


NAME: Marco Batacchi
POSITION:  General Manager
NATIONALITY: Australian Italian
SPOKEN LANGUAGES: English Italian French Spanish, few words in German and Japanese
FAVOURITE ACTIVITIES: Looking after Family, any sport, travelling, reading, good music driving motorbikes, painting
BEST FREO SPOT: Hougoumont Hotel, Strange Company and Riverside Road


NAME: Elizabeth Prendiville (Lizzie)
POSITION: Group Bookings and Conferences 
Fav Activities: painting, tennis, swimming
Best Freo spot: apart from Hougoumont Hotel of course then Bread in Common


NAME: Deirdre (Dee) Purcell
POSITION: Accountant
FAVORITE ACTIVITIES: Spending time at beach or in nature; travelling and discovering new places
BEST FREO SPOT: The Mantle or Manuka Woodfired kitchen


NAME: Michael Chege
POSITION: Marketing Coordinator
SPOKEN LANGUAGES: English and Swahili
FAVOURITE ACTIVITIES: Traveling, sports and walking around with a cup of coffee
BEST FREO SPOT: Clancy's Fish pub and Best Wishes cafe


NAME: Maurizio Aimoni
POSITION: Guest service agent
SPOKEN LANGUAGES: English,Spanish,Italian,French and few words in German.
FAVOURITE ACTIVITIES: Swimming, going to the beach, listening to good music, dancing, travelling and spend time with friends and family.
BEST FREO SPOT: Definitely Leighton beach in North Fremantle and Freo.Social in the heart of Fremantle.


NAME: Racheal Nandolo
POSITION: Room Attendant & Relief Supervisor (gives some love to our Cabin and State Rooms and covers our manager during her time off)
SPOKEN LANGUAGES: Chichewa and English
FAVOURITE ACTIVITIES: Exploring Perth City and surrounds, travelling, listening to music and dancing
BEST FREO SPOT: Fremantle Markets